Charlie Bass doesn't want Tom DeLay back as House Majority Leader:

Five-term Republican Rep. Charles Bass said this week his partyís leaders in the House of Representatives are more concerned about their own pet projects than the GOPís "fundamental principles."

Bass, co-chair of a group of about 35 moderate House Republicans called the "Tuesday Group," is calling for new elections in leadership next year "so we have a fresh slate of officers outside of the speaker for the next session of the Congress."


He said he is not interested in running for a leadership post himself and was not specifically calling for anyone in leadership to be "thrown out." He also said he has no specific action in mind to try to force a vote.

"Iím not starting a movement. Iím not leading a revolution," Bass said. "Iím just stating an opinion."

Bass noted that he has expressed concern about the direction of the Republican Party in Washington ďall along, but the difference is that Republicans are now down and everyone is listening to this sort of thing."

But he said the House Republican conference "would be healthier and more unified if we had real elections and if (former House Majority Leader) Tom DeLay would step aside for the good of the conference." DeLay, while no longer holding the title of majority leader, has kept his office at the Capitol and "is still very much around," Bass said.

I may update this post, but I thought this was an interesting development.

Posted by Evan @ 11/16/05 11:50 AM


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The debacle of having to pull those miniscule spending "cuts" because "moderates" objected of course demonstrates the problem of DeLay being on the sidelines. I can't imagine the GOP suffering that humiliation under DeLay's leadership.

But no, the "moderates" don't like it when he twists their arms and tells them to act like Republicans from time to time, so I'm not surprised to see this bellyaching.

Posted by kevin whited @ 11/16/05 12:03 PM

who really cares what a fish thinks anyways.

Posted by hamiltonfan @ 11/16/05 12:57 PM

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