Haggerty to face challenger

One of the interesting stories in Texas politics over the last week or two has been what appears to be a concerted effort to find challengers to those GOP lawmakers who didn't vote the way the leadership wanted them to vote. In this case, it appears that Republicans who opposed the school finance plan will now face a primary challenger. Here's an example out of El Paso:

El Paso's top Republican Party contributors are abandoning nine-term state Rep. Pat Haggerty and throwing their political muscle and money behind his GOP challenger.

Ted Houghton, Texas Department of Transportation commissioner; Rick Francis, Texas Tech University System regent; Woody Hunt, former University of Texas System regent; and Harold Hahn, president of Rocky Mountain Mortgage Co. -- each has given thousands to Republican Gov. Rick Perry and once supported Haggerty.

Now they're rallying behind Haggerty's primary election opponent, Lorraine O'Donnell, because they said the area needs someone who can "play well" with the state leadership.

Despite the big money backing O'Donnell, Haggerty said he has faith his constituents will support him because he supports them.


"Is somebody saying we did something wrong by voting to not raise taxes?" Haggerty said. "I'll argue with that all day."


When asked whether Republican state leaders asked them to find an opponent for Haggerty, Houghton said no.

O'Donnell appears to be a serious candidate: she's hired Ted Delisi to consult.

I think it's apparent what Haggerty's counter-argument will be.

Enforcing party discipline for both parties is a tricky thing that often leads to unforeseen ramifications, but it's also part of the political process in this country.

Posted by Evan @ 11/16/05 11:13 AM


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