KBH challenger formally announces yesterday

KBH challenger Barbara Radnofsky announced yesterday:

In a speech Tuesday at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Radnofsky challenged Hutchison on veterans issues and said she wants to see the United States return to the value of selfless sacrifice exhibited by World War II veterans.

"This world was saved for democracy by men and women, teenagers really, ordinary men and women in extraordinary times doing extraordinary things," Radnofsky said. "It is my passionate, firm belief that we can return to that kind of extraordinary service."


Hutchison spokesman Bryan Eppstein declined to discuss any of Radnofsky's specific challenges to Hutchison's record, saying there would be time for that in a general election. Eppstein said polling consistently shows Hutchison to be the most popular politician in Texas and a strong contender for re-election.

Radnofsky, 49, a mediation attorney with Vinson & Elkins, has been running a low-key campaign for Senate for more than a year.

But her battle likely will be uphill. Texas has trended Republican for a decade. And as of Sept. 30, Radnofsky had $382,000 in the bank while Hutchison had $7.3 million. Radnofsky said she raised $30,000 more last week at an event hosted by Democratic U.S. senators in Washington, D.C. "I foresee it changing. The reason is a conglomeration of events," Radnofsky said.

Radnofsky said "incompetence and corruption" became apparent in the Bush administration's handling of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. She also chided Hutchison for saying a perjury indictment in the White House spy leak case would be a "technicality."

She has a tough row to hoe.

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