FBN debate gets libertarians back on board with Rand?

Did the FBN debate push libertarians back to Rand from Cruz?

One thing I haven't seen anyone mention anywhere from the Fox Business Network debate: the intriguing subplot between Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

Rand Paul attacked Marco Rubio on military spending. He had to know he was going to lose -- not only is Rubio a better debater than Rand Paul, but substantially more of the Republican primary voters agree with Rubio.

So what was Paul doing?

It sure looked like a planned gambit to get libertarians back on board.

Paul's campaign has been flagging so much that even libertarians have started jumping ship or sniping at Rand through the media. Just like he did in his 2012 primary, Ted Cruz has been pushing hard for Rand's libertarian vote.

But calling for shrinking our military helps Rand with most self-identified libertarians.

And then Ted Cruz fervently argued that illegal immigration hurts the economy -- definitely not popular among libertarians.

Pundits panned Rand's debate performances, but I bet he got good reviews from the people he needs to stay in the race.

Posted by Evan @ 11/12/15 08:47 PM


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