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I've added some book recommendations on the sidebar. If you click through from here and buy them I get some sort of commission from Amazon.

Here's a short blurb for why I liked each:

The Path to Power: Robert Caro's traces LBJ's early years. Caro simply writes the best biographies I've ever read, and this is his finest hour.

The Ambition and the Power: An account of the rise and fall of House Speaker Jim Wright in the 80's. Barry had special access "on background" to Wright after he ascended to Speaker of the House and he produces a scintillating profile of the Texan from Fort Worth.

Mr. Chairman: Power in Dan Rostenkowski's America: Rostenkowski is a fascinating character and provides a case study in urban Democratic machines. I just finished this book.

Moneyball: It took baseball general managers how long to figure out that walks were much more important than traditional baseball statistics indicated? I figured that out when I was 8. Sometimes it's amazing how difficult it is for the "experts" to see past the conventional wisdom. The lesson for politics ought be self-evident.

The Rise of Southern Republicans: Earl and Merle Black are the preeminent Southern politics scholars. The book is a scholarly yet readable study of how Republicans supplanted Democrats as the power in the South. Dr. Earl Black was one of my favorite professors at Rice and his classes got to read drafts of chapters long before this book was published in 2003. Black was also my senior thesis advisor, when I wrote about Democratic gubernatorial resurgence in the 1997 and 1998 Deep South [a 3-2 GOP advantage switched to a 4-1 Dem advantage].

UPDATE: For some reason, the top of this post is being cut off in Internet Explorer (though not in FireFox). These blurbs are my explanation of the books I added to the sidebar. I think I'll rotate the books I put up there every month or two, and try to balance the books on Texas politics with other stuff. I get a cut from Amazon if you buy the books by clicking through this site.

I wouldn't mind making a few pennies from this site, after all.

Posted by Evan @ 11/12/05 06:35 PM


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maybe shes just nuts?

Posted by hamiltonfan @ 11/13/05 08:40 AM

You should add the associate links to the bolded titles in this post. You might as well encourage people to click over in as many ways as possible. :)

Posted by kevin whited @ 11/14/05 08:44 AM

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