Gubernatorial primaries poll

Two polls done for the Texas Credit Union League, 10/24-10/26:

A Voter/Consumer Research (R) poll; surveyed 400 TX GOP primary voters; margin of error +/- 4.9%.

GOP GOV Primary Matchup
Perry 61%
Strayhorn 26%
Undec/Oth 13%

Perry 79%/18%
Strayhorn 50 /25


Hamilton Beattie & Staff poll; surveyed 403 TX Dem primary voters; margin of error +/- 4.9%

Dem GOV Primary Matchup
Bell 28%
Alvarado 15%
Undec/Oth 57%

Posted by Evan @ 11/11/05 03:03 PM


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57% dems undecided and other? Wow! How much of that do you think is Kinky?

Posted by Bob Mondavi @ 11/12/05 09:50 AM


Two things:
1) I think it's probably accurate that about 57% are undecided.
2) Name ID for both Bell and Alvarado is very low. You have a one-term former Houston congressman and a Fort Worth school principal. Nobody across the state has heard the names "Bell" and "Alvarado".

So name ID is probably a bigger factor than Kinky. Though since Kinky appears to be drawing some Democrats and splitting the anti-Perry vote, that can't help Democrats.

Posted by evan @ 11/12/05 03:35 PM

Also, I apologize for the bad formatting in this post prior to now.

Posted by evan @ 11/12/05 03:36 PM

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