Radnofsky gets coverage from today's Hotline

Today's Hotline:

Atty. Barbara Ann Radnofsky (D) held a DC fundraiser 11/8, which her spokesperson estimated would raise about $30K. She was introduced by DNC vice-chair/Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) and announced she was running "to make a positive change" in "extraordinary times." Asked to contrast herself to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R), Radnofsky said Hutchison's votes have effectively said, "No more money is needed for veterans." She also denounced the senator's vote against restoring Medicaid cuts. Asked about abortion, Radnofsky said everyone's goal is to "target zero abortions. ... That's the common ground ... and I say that as a pro-choice woman who supports Roe V. Wade."
She acknowledged Dems have not done well in TX recently, but she said she's feeling a "sea change" even in rural TX during her travels. She described Hutchison's border security plans as "a wacky proposal ... a cynical approach," and noted Hutchison took a 2-term pledge in '94.
Senate Min. Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) gave a warm closing speech, describing her as "an extraordinary person. The environment for Democrats is changing dramatically. People are looking for a new direction and new leaders." He said he's told Min. Leader Harry Reid (NV) and DSCC chair Chuck Schumer (NY) "to keep an eye on Texas." Radnofsky mentioned that Durbin has been her "champion" within the Dem caucus (Hotline reporting, 11/8).
Reid himself popped into the lobby "for about a minute," telling Radnofsky: "The people of Texas deserve better." Asked on his way out whether he thought she had a chance, he said: "Everybody has a chance. Bush's numbers are dropping like a rocket."
Hutchison: "I'm not worried. They have the right to support a Democratic candidate. I don't have any hard feelings at all." Cook Political Report's Jennifer Duffy "found it hard to envision a national tide strong enough to unseat her." Duffy: "I feel like I'm watching a hurricane that's out there at sea. If it's a Category 5, even people like Hutchison are in trouble, but 12 months out, it's hard to say how strong this is going to be" (Gillman, Dallas Morning News, 11/9).
Some of Radnofsky's bumper stickers read: "Tough Name, Smart Dame" (Hotline reporting, 11/8).

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