Where is all this Perry and KBH ticket talk coming from?

Via Kevin and Alex, there's more rumors of Texans being candidates for national office. In this case, it's from an op-ed in a Pittsburgh newspaper.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is steadfast about governing responsibly, which translates into consistently facing resistance when balancing fiscal policies with social concerns. His maverick approach to remaining true-blue has earned him a solid reputation with conservatives. Beltway-types look to him as perfect vice-presidential material, despite his disdain for elbow-rubbing.

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, a fellow Republican, briefly considered running against Perry in 2006. Faced with a daunting primary against a truer Republican, she quickly backed down.

Kevin rightly points out that, "Hutchison probably would not have won a primary against Perry because of social issues, not fiscal issues." Both Kevin and Alex also criticize the spending of the recently adopted Texas budget.

So, where is this talk coming from? My guess on Perry would be Grover Norquist, as it sounds like something he'd say. Norquist is something akin to the Karl Rove of the center-right coalition. He's a grand strategist, but he's the sort who likes to encourage and talk up officeholders he likes.

Rick Perry will not be on the Republican ticket in 2008. He hasn't even shown any interest in running for president. Also, my guess is that Perry will be glad to make some money in 2010, when his next term will be up if he's re-elected. He'd be way behind if he were to be considering running. Plus, running for president is now a multi-year affair. If you don't know for sure that you're running, then you're not running. You really have to have the proverbial "fire in the belly" to run for president.

Perry won't be a VP pick. What would Perry add to a ticket? Texas will go for the Republican candidate whether he is on the ticket or not. Further, he does not have the benefit of being a woman or minority.

The same is true for Kay Bailey Hutchison. She's not running for president. She could potentially be a vice presidential nominee, but is also unlikely. She doesn't bring a swing state's electoral votes with her. She's pro-choice and as such would be a problem for any Republican nominee. There's a reason that Dick Cheney is vice president now and not Tom Ridge.

It's also hard to see how either KBH or Perry would win a nomination if they were to run. It'd be very difficult for a Texan to be president after 8 years of another Texan.

Posted by Evan @ 11/08/05 12:34 AM


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I, too, have thought for a long time that there is no chance of a Perry Presidential run in 2008. But as the drop dead date draws ever nearer, and no truly viable conservative has as yet entered the field, I begin to think "Well, maybe ...".

But probably not.

Your analysis is fairly accurate about the Vice Presidential slot, regarding both Governor Perry and Senator Hutchison, although again I would not entirely rule out Perry having it proffered to him (would he take it?, most probably not), for the same reasons you cited with regard to Cheney v. Ridge in 2000.

Perry is stridently pro-life, but you are absolutely correct that the forgone conclusion that is the Lone Star ballotary outcome makes the chances of Vice Presidential proffering slim.

Stephen Moore, not incidentally, has also expressed his political and policy affection for Governor Perry, and would be pleased to see him make the Big Run in 2008.

Posted by Seton Motley @ 11/08/05 07:49 AM

Tell me you're joking.

Posted by Pink Lady @ 11/08/05 05:25 PM

You think that KBH or Perry have a good chance of being on the ticket, Eileen?

Posted by evan @ 11/08/05 05:28 PM

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