Making the Van de Putte face

Now we know why Leticia Van de Putte has a hard time answering easy questions.

Leticia Van de Putte is flummoxed by Wendy Davis's pandering

Because if Van de Putte doesn't make lots of funny faces over a 9 second awkward pause, then she shoots awkwardly from the hip (as awkward as Wendy Davis with a gun?).

And is Van de Putte awkward:

At one point she was talking about Austin insiders and said, "If you can't drink their liquor, if you can't eat their food, if you can't (blank) their women, and then have the balls to go out on the next day and vote against them; then you don't belong in the legislature."

Later in the same interview Van de Putte gave a sage assessment on love, saying, "It's kind of like men. The worse you treat them, the more they keep coming back. You know they just, they just can't get enough."

If a Republican had said that, the Texas media would talk about nothing else between now and November.

Posted by Evan @ 06/04/14 09:07 PM


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