The school finance panel

This was sent to me as the list for the school finance panel, which former comptroller John Sharp will chair. I can't vouch for the veracity, but I doubt someone went to the effort to make it up.

-Truman Arnold of Texarkana, a Democrat who's in oil and gas and used to own a chain of convenience stores;
-Bill Blaylock, tax director at Texas Instruments in Dallas;
-A. J. Brune III, the CFO of Wagner and Brown in Midland and Craddick's pick for the panel;
-Randy Cain, a tax consultant with Ernst & Young in San Antonio;
-Alonzo Cantu of McAllen, who's in construction, banking and other businesses;
-James Dannebaum of Dannebaum Engineering Corp. of Houston;
-Wendy Lee Gramm, economist and Sen. Gramm's wife
-Hunter Hunt, an executive with Hunt Oil in Dallas;
-Woody Hunt, chairman and CEO of Hunt Building Corp. of El Paso;
-Kenneth Jastrow of Austin, Chairman and CEO of Temple-Inland Corp.;
-Jodie Jiles, chairman of the Houston Partnership and an executive with First Albany Capital;
-Judy Lindquist, vice president and general counsel for San Antonio-based H.E.B.;
-William McMinn of Houston, a businessman and Republican donor;
-Ernie Morales, co-owner of Morales Feedlots in Devine;
-Jan Newton, SBC
-Dennis Patillo, Houston realtor
-John Roach, Tandy Corp.;
-Robert Rowling, owner of Omni Hotels,
-Ron Steinhart of Dallas, a former exec with Bank One and several other banks;
-Dr. David Teuscher, a Beaumont doctor and SREC member;
-Howard Wolfe, a Houston attorney and close friend of Dewhurst's.
Last time we did this, we started Ross Perot down the political path to running for president. Will it happen again?

Update: The Houston Chronicle has a short blurb.

Posted by Evan @ 11/04/05 02:58 PM


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