Democrats for Dan Patrick

The Texas Democratic Party has endorsed Dan Patrick for Lt Governor:

Democrats for Dan Patrick

This follows a long tradition of Democrats picking the weakest Republican candidate and then spending money advertising them as "too conservative," so that they will win the GOP primary. A few examples immediately come to mind: Harry Reid only managed to win in 2010 by doing this to Sharron Angle. Garry South did it to Bill Simon in 2002 so that an unpopular Gray Davis could get re-elected governor of California (and then be recalled a year later).

And of course, Claire McCaskill and the Missouri Democrats spent heavily on ads like this to give us Todd Akin.

I'm not terribly worried about Dan Patrick losing. Leticia Van de Putte is a weak candidate who is prone to stereotyping and who needs 10 second pauses in order to answer easy questions.

But then again, shock jocks gonna shock jock. A Dan Patrick blowup is the Democrats best chance of winning statewide in 2014.

Posted by Evan @ 03/02/14 10:13 PM


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