Que bronca! Van de Putte is running because of Dewhurst

I listened to the rest of Leticia Van de Putte's interview with Evan Smith and one thing jumped out at me: the repeated shots at David Dewhurst, even when they were completely off topic.

The repetition made it seem like she is motivated to run by personal pique over Dewhurst's removal of Van de Putte from the chair of higher education. That's a bit strange when Dewhurst is reasonably likely to not even be in office next session.

There were oblique references to Buddy Barfield embezzling Dewhurst's campaign cash, Dewhurst's penthouse apartment, Dewhurst's business skills, Dewhurst not picking the right committee chairs (wonder who she was referring to?), and Dewhurst not understanding the Texas Senate. Honestly if I went back and took notes I would probably find a few more. It was bizarre how often she returned to the subject.

Van de Putte was never going to win. But if she were to have had any possibilities of winning, those would have been hurt by an interview that didn't really even feature any particularly difficult questions.

Posted by Evan @ 02/09/14 11:46 PM


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