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Remember the talk about the reality show that CMT was doing about Kinky Friedman's run for governor? Looks like the pilots are upon us:

If Kinky Friedman's of beat [sic] campaign for governor sounds like something out of a reality TV it is.

"Go Kinky," a proposed reality show based on the writer and singer's independent bid for governor, premieres on Country Music Television next week, campaign press secretary Laura Stromberg announced today.


She says cameras have been following Kinky and his campaign entourage for months.

"They pretty much started following us around in March, and I think they wrapped up in June or July."

"Go Kinky" is created by actor/comedian David Steinberg, who directed episodes of "Friends" and the HBO comedy "Curb Your Enthusiasm," and directed by Wayne Miller, who is a lifelong friend of Friedman's, having attended Kinky's parents' summer camp back in the sixties.

[Friedman press secretary] Stromberg says the two pilot episodes of "Go Kinky" will air at midnight and 12:30 AM November 9th. If the show is succesful, it will officially premiere in early 2006.

Have their legal staffs been over this? If this were a federal race, I can't imagine that it would be okay under federal election law for CMT to do a weekly show on a candidate running for governor unless they give equal time to other candidates.

Even so, it seems like there might be a Texas law against this. For example, if this show airs while Friedman is running for governor, it might be an in-kind corporate contribution prohibited by the Texas Constitution.

If I get ambitious, I might research the issue on Westlaw. I wouldn't bet on it though.

Posted by Evan @ 11/03/05 02:03 PM


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If he decides to run as a Republican, it would be legal then.

Posted by texxasredd @ 11/04/05 11:27 AM

There is no federal or state obligation for the media to provide "equal time" to candidates any longer. The Fairness Doctrine was repealed in the '80's during the Reagan Administration. Look it up.

Posted by Julie @ 11/10/05 05:49 PM

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