The Texas outside of 360

Paul Burka:

I consider myself to be as much a representative of a true Texan as anybody I know, but I have to confess to one shortcoming: I just don't get the gun culture, and I don't think I ever will. . . . I don't own a gun and have no plans to get one.

With all due respect to Paul, he grew up in Galveston, went to Rice and then has lived his entire adult life in Austin. He doesn't own a gun.

I doubt many people outside of Travis County consider Austinites who don't own guns to be "representative of a true Texan."

Posted by Evan @ 10/21/13 10:53 PM


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Paul Burka is the perfect example of the Anti-TEXAN! He doesn't get the U.T. Regents vs. President and Faculty wars either! TEXANS get the importance of preserving TEXAS. Mr. Burka continues to want to liberalize it!

Posted by DCHANCE @ 11/02/13 11:26 PM

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