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A few folks have asked me what I think about the Zogby interactive poll that shows Kinky Friedman at close to 20%.

Short answer: not much. I'm the first that I remember to predict that Kinky was likely to be a serious candidate. But I'm not going to believe that that time is yet upon us until I read a real poll.

I don't put much stock in a Zogby Interactive poll. It's way too early to discern whether Zogby has found a methodology which will give accurate polling. I'm certain that no serious political candidate is yet doing online polling and basing campaign decisions on it.

Besides, Zogby's record in regular polling was pretty awful last cycle from start to finish.

UPDATE: To quote Kronberg:

ources tell Quorum Report that a soon to be released Zogby Poll will show aspiring, independent gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman is breaking above 20% among likely voters.

Perry - 42%, Bell - 25%, Friedman - 21%

If this is another online "Zogby Interactive" poll, then you already know what I think.

Posted by Evan @ 11/01/05 10:37 PM


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He's only a serious candidate if he runs as a Dem, since there are no serious Dem candidates.

Posted by kevin @ 11/04/05 02:53 PM

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