Least insightful news analysis of the year?

This might be one of the most ridiculous ledes I have read in awhile. Hearst:

State Sen. Donna Campbell's campaign released a poll Tuesday that showed her with a strong lead over her primary challenger Mike Novak, but also indicated she has lost 15 percent of voters from the same pool who elected her last year over seven-term incumbent Sen. Jeff Wentworth.

In a primary election between Campbell and Novak, 51 percent said they would vote for Campbell and 11 percent chose Novak, while 38 percent are undecided.
Analysis: Campbell won last year's primary runoff against Wentworth with 66 percent of the vote, indicating she has dropped in support, according to her own poll numbers. The large number of undecided voters, 38 percent, leaves Novak, or any challenger, room to work to usurp votes.

I have no doubt that Campbell's opponent will fundraise well. But Wentworth couldn't beat her even with all the advantages of decades of incumbency. What is Novak going to do -- criticize Donna Campbell for not spending enough? Call himself a conservative and blur the difference?

The poll doesn't show "room to work." It shows a race that is pretty close to over. Perhaps the sample is flawed, but one might note that the pollster has a pretty good record in Texas in recent years.

Posted by Evan @ 09/19/13 11:27 PM


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