Reality is sometimes offensive to journalists?

Imagine if a Republican had just lost an election in Kansas after passing right-wing social legislation. Then a Republican politician in California runs for governor by doubling-down on the issue. You would probably label that California Republican out-of-touch. Stupid. An idiot, even. Definitely not a serious candidate for governor.

Of course, that's exactly what just happened. Two Colorado state senators just lost recall elections in very blue districts that Obama carried by over 20 points against Mitt Romney after they passed gun control legislation.* They were the first legislators to ever be recalled in Colorado, and one of them lost by over 12 points in what were "high-profile special elections."

Strangely, Wendy Davis decided to cement her image as an ideologue liberal by telling a reporter that she would "happily" sign gun control legislation that is similar to what Democrats passed in Colorado. A right-wing blogger labeled her "too stupid to be governor."

And yet for some reason the Dallas Morning News and Christy Hoppe think this is newsworthy.

I look forward to the day when Texas journalists get equally offended by the names that left-wing bloggers call Republican politicians. Off the top of my head, I can think of fascist, ***hole, and bat**** crazy yet I don't recall Hoppe writing a single article in indignation when Democratic politicians retweet those bloggers.

* PPP sat on a poll that showed the Democrats in trouble.

Posted by Evan @ 09/14/13 04:16 PM


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