How much will Dewhurst spend? (2014 edition)

The Dew historically spent up to $20 million each campaign, but he always got paid back afterwards. Since he had technically loaned himself the money, he'd just pay himself back with lobby money and campaign contributions once he won.

But then he actually lost $20 million in his US Senate primary loss to Cruz, because federal law won't allow him to be repaid. That led to some very hilarious scenes late in the campaign last year, where Dewhurst was spending time raising money in order to pay himself back rather than going out and talking to voters. One notable moment was the night before the runoff, where he had a high dollar fundraiser in Dallas with Rick Perry...maybe even some of his max donors were undecided as to who to vote for?

After Dewhurst made that ridiculously awkward attempt to pull rank and intimidate a police officer, any path to victory is more expensive. His positive ads had little effect in the last campaign, and burnishing your image is more expensive than tearing down your opponents.

Posted by Evan @ 09/01/13 08:40 PM


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