John Carona has forgotten whom he serves

Texas Monthly/Texas Tribune have published a must-read series on John Carona. It is a very fair -- maybe too fair -- piece by Jay Root on Carona's regulation of his HOA business interests. It is no wonder that we have such widespread HOA scandals. But the part that most struck me was this:

Only once during our interview did John Carona show any sign of his trademark anger. It happened when I asked him about reports from former Associa company employees that he sometimes treats company assets as if they were his own, whether it's the corporate jet he uses to ferry himself between Austin and Dallas, often multiple times per week, or the leased warehouse near Love Field where he keeps his cherished vintage-car collection. "Those are issues that pertain to my business interests and my personal interests, and frankly, I think it's out of line for a political reporter to be digging into any issue of that nature," he said.


Politicians who have that kind of attitude have forgotten that they are supposed to be public servants. Carona seriously thinks the public has no right to know his business interests? That is mindblowing.

And to think, if Dewhurst had won the senate race, Carona might be lieutenant governor right now. Senate Democrats were going to pick the least-conservative Republican, so it was pretty much a race to the left between moderates like Kevin Eltife, Kel Seliger and Carona. As the article notes, Carona already has at least one Senate Democrat on his payroll.

Part two of the John Carona series.

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