Kay Bailey '08?

Bob Novak's most recent column includes this:

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has approached Republican fund-raisers in her home state of Texas to test the waters for a possible 2008 presidential nomination, but party sources believe she is mainly interested in a vice presidential nomination.

Supporters describe Hutchison as saying that if Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Democratic nominee, the Republicans must consider putting a woman on their ticket. Hutchison, who has held statewide elective office for 15 years, would head the list for the GOP.

National ambitions may have factored into Hutchison's decision against challenging Gov. Rick Perry in a bloody Republican primary for governor next year. Hutchison chose instead to seek re-election to the Senate.

As before, passed on without comment, at least for right now.

Posted by Evan @ 10/30/05 05:05 PM


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Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has some pretty serious ethical problems she needs to address if she really wants to run for national office. Lately, she's been preoccupied with saving the one-of-a-kind American Airlines/DFW Airport monopoly in Dallas/Fort Worth via a crazy law known as the Wright Amendment.

Next week, her Senate Aviation Subcommittee is holding hearings on the law... which her own constituents overwhelmingly oppose.

She's fighting to keep the monopoly in place. Why? She benefits two ways:
1) Her own husband, Ray Hutchison, is one of DFW Airport/American Airlines' primary attorneys, raking in legal fees estimated in the millions.
2) Ray Hutchison's law firm, Vinson & Elkins, is the largest collective source of her re-election campaign contributions.

If DFW Airport is hurt, it looks like it will her own pocketbook and that of her re-election campaign.

Posted by El Tigre @ 11/04/05 03:03 PM

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