Lloyd Doggett and Nancy Pelosi for governor of Texas

Nancy Pelosi still wants to be governor of Texas, according to the AP:

Texas is suing the federal government over $830 million in aid for schools that has been tied up in political wrangling.

A state-specific provision in the federal law requires Gov. Rick Perry to promise Washington that Texas will maintain certain state education spending levels through 2013.

As you may recall, Lloyd Doggett got Nancy Pelosi to write a provision only for Texas that requires levels of spending in order to receive federal education aid.

If I were the Bill Flores campaign, I'd be hammering on this.

Posted by Evan @ 09/29/10 12:07 PM


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if you were the Bill Flores campaign, you'd be out to lunch...always

Posted by sad but true @ 09/29/10 05:49 PM

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