Trial lawyer tactics, $38M, startups, debates, and politipinion

1. Juan Lozano, AP:

Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White said Monday that since Gov. Rick Perry refuses to debate him, he'll spend 25 days between now and the Nov. 2 election asking questions he would have posed to his opponent at such a forum.

At a campaign stop in Houston, the city's former mayor posed his first query: whether Perry would accept responsibility for job losses, having 1 million unemployed Texans and having unemployment rates higher than three neighboring states. The 25 days of questions will correspond to Perry's 25-year career as an elected official.

Bill White is using a classic trial lawyer technique...why? Does he really want to remind voters that he used to be a trial lawyer? I have to guess that a trial lawyer friend suggested the idea, and sometimes you just can't escape your background, which is why the candidate thought it was a good idea. I bet the Bill White staffers are shaking their heads.

2. As of now, according to the Wesleyan Media Project, this year's Texas gubernatorial election has cost $38 million spent on airing 56,032 television ads. $3.5 million of that has been Back to Basics, which is a pretty amazing number when you consider how much of the TV spending was from Rick v. Kay.

3. San Antonio Biz Journal:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to visit San Antonio on Tuesday to discuss the state’s participation in an InCube Labs biosciences business incubator that California entrepreneur Mir Imran plans to develop in the Alamo City, say sources familiar with the project in Austin and San Antonio.

Those sources say Perry will announce the state's investment of Texas Emerging Technology Fund money in the San Antonio InCube project.

Nice. Entrepreneurialism is good.

4. White to debate 3rd party candidates:

Libertarian Kathie Glass and Green Party nominee Deb Shafto on Tuesday accepted an invitation from the Houston Chronicle, the state's other large newspapers and Austin television station KLRU to participate in an Oct. 19 debate at the TV station's studios.

Democrat Bill White last month accepted the invitation, which was initially extended just to Perry, the Republican incumbent, and White. KLRU will broadcast the one-hour debate in Austin and make it available to stations around the state. Newspapers also will stream it live on their website.

5. Politipinion strikes again! They say that White did in fact pay payroll taxes, so they call Perry's statement false. This is just silly. Clayton Williams was relentlessly pilloried in 1990 for the same thing that Bill White did in 1995: taking tax credits on losses to cover income, and thus pay no tax. Only Politipinion would rate that claim "false."

Posted by Evan @ 09/29/10 05:55 AM


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** I bet the Bill White staffers are shaking their heads. **

Does he HAVE any truly senior staffers, or just junior admirers?

I ask because increasingly it looks like the candidate is running his campaign -- and not very well. Indeed, we had that story a while back in which he bragged that no detail of the campaign was too small for him to micromanage, right down to the font size of political ads! yikes

As for PolitiFarce... nah, I'm not going there today. :)

Posted by kevin @ 09/29/10 04:35 PM

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