Rick Perry for Gubernatorial Majority Leader, part 2

I was joking when I titled a post early this month, "Rick Perry for Gubernatorial Majority Leader," but apparently I was closer to the truth than I thought.

[Perry's] work to develop an anti-Washington coalition of governors matches efforts of some other Republican presidential hopefuls trying to sway the national agenda and wrest the White House from Democratic President Barack Obama.

Perry told The News he's interested in organizing his counterparts in other states, "and hopefully there will be a substantial number of governors elected who share our fiscal conservative philosophy and our great belief in the 10th Amendment that the states need to compete against each other and not be dictated by one-size-fits-all, Washington, D.C., policy."

"At the end of the day, I think it's going to take those governors from all across the country, standing together, pushing back on Washington, D.C.," Perry said. "That's what I'm really interested in helping organize and being a part of."

quoted from the DMN, though I remain unclear as to whether Perry has proposed an organization or if he was simply riffing on philosophical changes in gubernatorial mansions across the nations. I've certainly missed it if details have been mentioned.

Posted by Evan @ 09/28/10 07:57 PM


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