Cornyn and Sessions to stay as campaign chairs?

CQ floats the possibility that Sen. Cornyn and Rep. Sessions will stay for another two year cycle as heads of the NRSC and NRCC, respectively.

For Republicans, there appears to be a strong possibility that the current chairmen of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and National Republican Congressional Committee will stay in those roles for another two years.

The NRSC job is obviously Cornyn's job if he wants it. No GOP senators would even run against him if the GOP picks up nearly as many seats as they probably will

But it's less clear whether there will be turnover at the top of the NRCC. It all depends on whether Chairman Pete Sessions (Texas) wants to move up the leadership ladder after Election Day.

Rumors have already cropped up in GOP circles that Sessions might have ambitions to become Majority Whip if, as many suspect, Republicans take the majority in November. It's a leadership move that might be viewed as well-deserved if Sessions does engineer a 39-seat-plus gain for the GOP this fall. Sessions is also the second Republican in line on the House Rules Committee and could have his eye on leading that panel.

A House Majority Whip from Texas....sounds familiar.

Campaign committee chairs are judged by how many seats they win or lose in a particular cycle, but most of it is out of their control. The job is mostly fundraising and candidate recruitment. In this cycle, those things have both been pretty easy on the Republican side. No encouragement was needed in lots of candidate recruitment once Obama started spending trillions and trying to pass ObamaCare. Plus, the striking weakness of Michael Steele as RNC Chair has shifted alot of would-be RNC donations to the NRCC/NRSC/RGA. Especially to the RGA, as Haley Barbour has a certain heft. [Sorry, couldn't help myself.]

With all that said, Sessions and Cornyn have both done pretty decent jobs. It certainly doesn't hurt Texas if they stay around for another cycle -- and 2012 will feature a much more favorable terrain of Senate seats for Republicans than 2010 (which is mostly in blue states). Cornyn might want to be careful and start paying attention to his constituent service though.

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