Burning money

I quote from CQ, but really it's just because I wanted to comment on Cornyn burning 42k in NRSC money in Delaware:

Republican National Senatorial Committee Chairman Sen. John Cornyn (Texas) weighed in Wednesday, announcing that his campaign committee would give O'Donnell $42,000, the maximum allowable direct donation. But Cornyn did not commit to any independent expenditures on her behalf, which will likely be sorely needed in the expensive Philadelphia media market.

$42k is something of a drop in the bucket, but there are alot of marginal Senate races this year where a compelling last minute independent ad could actually make a difference. There is zero chance that O'Donnell wins in Delaware, for both ideological and character flaw reasons. Considering that O'Donnell pays herself a salary out of campaign contributions, one has to wonder what Cornyn was thinking.

Perhaps all politics is local, tea party-style?

Posted by Evan @ 09/16/10 02:25 PM


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It could be that Cornyn wants to make sure that that Tea Partiers learn the correct lesson when O'Donnell loses. If she gets no establishment help then instead of realizing that they have to temper purity with electability, they'll just complain that she could have won if they'd given her enough support.

Posted by Piraeus @ 09/19/10 02:34 PM

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