A fairly strange brag

A few hours after I posted about the TT's internet poll today, they tweeted:

New UT/TT poll: Libertarians polling 5% to 8% in marquee statewide races.

Put me down for the under, please. Libertarians aren't going to average 6.5% on election day. I'd be surprised if any made it to 5%.

If you know anything about online polls then you know that libertarians are precisely the type of voters likely to be oversampled by an internet poll. Historically, it's been true. Further it makes sense when you think about what demographic groups lare ikely to be self-selecting into online polls. So, making a point about how Libertarians are running hot in your internet poll compared to normal polls is...strange.

Posted by Evan @ 09/13/10 06:10 PM


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