PPP's new ballot test

PPP, 9/2-9/6
538 likely voters, +/- 4.2%
Perry 48
White 42

PPP's last poll in June had the race tied at 42-42 while other pollsters showed a substantial spread. So a +6 Perry lead in PPP is much more favorable for Perry than a +6 would be in Rasmussen. This might be because PPP tends to show favorable results for Democratic candidates so far this cycle. PPP is a Dem polling shop, but certainly a reputable pollster (similar to HRC, which is a GOP shop).

PPP had Perry's job approval upside down at 39/50, while they had White at 44/29.

PPP also had David Dewhurst beating Linda Chavez-Thompson 54-34 in the Lt Gov race.

Posted by Evan @ 09/08/10 05:11 PM


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