Exclusive numbers from the Hill Research Consultants poll

I asked Hill Research Consultants about who their sample was for the Texas Watch poll everyone is talking about. It appeared that they had used a voter list, but in the crosstabs respondents were described as "likely voters;" however I hadn't seen any voter screen in the questionnaire.

David Benzion from HRC got back to me and verified that they were using a voter list from the past three elections. He also provided some new numbers.

Among 2006 voters (n=395, MOE +/-4.93%)
Perry: 44%
White: 43%
Undecided: 11%

Also, using Hill's proprietary most likely voter model (n=441, MOE +/- 4.67%)
Perry: 45%
White: 43%
Undecided: 11%

I'll pass these along without comment as more data points. My comments haven't changed much from yesterday's post.

Posted by Evan @ 09/08/10 04:40 PM


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