If you missed the article on Bill White's business career by SC Gwynne and Gary Jacobson in the DMN, I suggest you read it. It was a good, solid piece.

Three years into his tenure as CEO, White was starting to make a name for himself, buying and selling companies and reaping large returns averaging 80 percent per year.

Right on. Betting on energy spikes can be very profitable. Even so, I bet that 80% figure involves undiscounted cashflow multiples or internal rates of return that overstate the effective return.

Interestingly, lawfirm mogul Susman thinks Bill White was forumshopping for a place to run for office:

His former law firm boss Steve Susman says that early in his career, White and his wife bought a house in a distinctly unfashionable area in northwest Houston.

When Susman asked him why, "Bill said he had done his research, and if he was running for office someday, it was a good demographic area for him." This same tendency to calculate and plan years in advance was evident at Wedge, too, when he would travel to Spain during summers for immersion courses in Spanish clearly, in retrospect, anticipating a political career.

Asi se explica el acento? Quizas que haya un toque madrileno. A mi me cae raro, pero quien soy yo para juzgar un acento extrano?

Posted by Evan @ 09/07/10 09:19 PM


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