Anita Perry is on message

The HouChron did email interviews of the first lady of Texas and the prospective first lady.

Q: Is campaigning a test of even a good marriage? How and why?

A: Rick works a ton - whether he's home reading briefings or traveling. Yes, the schedules can be grueling, but we talk a lot and try to work schedules so that we're home almost every night - even if it's late. We always have stories to share from the trail, or we talk about our fantastic children and daughter-in-law. And then there is our dog Lucy, who loves us no matter what!

She mentioned it later in the interviews as well, whereas Mrs. White's responses were a bit more...terse. A little bit of a missed opportunity but campaigning is hard for rookies.

Posted by Evan @ 09/05/10 02:55 PM


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