Rick Perry for Gubernatorial Majority Leader.

Politico sees candidates following Rick Perry's lead nationwide:

They're all Rick Perrys now.

A year and a half after the governor of Texas energized his reelection campaign by casting himself as an antagonist to President Barack Obama, Republican gubernatorial candidates across the country are following his example.

Left unsaid is that at no moment has Obama ever been a positive factor in Texas, so it wasn't as gutsy as it might have been in say...Connecticut.*

On the other hand, folks like Bill White and Chet Edwards were all aboard the Obama bandwagon in 08 and early 09 when Obama was a neutral factor, so it wasn't as obvious a political strategy as it seems now.

Also, put me down as unconvinced that all of Perry's anti-Obama agitation was strategery, as Will Farrell would say. Quite a bit of it was probably just his honest reaction, which is probably one reason why he's managed to keep winning statewide elections in Texas. If there were gubernatorial leadership elections, Perry would be looking good.

* Come to think of it, I wonder if Obama has fallen harder in Conn than in other states. Given the high-end financial industry concentration in the state, I'd assume so.

Posted by Evan @ 09/05/10 10:10 PM


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