Henry Cisneros bearish on Obama re-election chances

TT interview with Henry Cisneros:

TT: Do you think [President] Obama can still galvanize Latino voters in 2012?

Cisneros: Itís too early to be talking about reelection. We have an election to get through in 2010, and the lay of the land after that will be [that] more Republican or Democrats will have been affirmed. And there are a lot of issues that will play out in the next session of Congress. So I think today heís obviously not as strong as he was in 2008 -- the bloom is off the rose in some ways, the polls make that clear. But he is certainly in fighting position and one would have to say he has the advantage against anybody running against him. I see no primary challenge at this point and a fighting chance to win a second term.

Emphasis mine, which is a shocking admission in my opinion.

I suppose we can differ on what "a fighting chance" means quantitatively, but that's generally a phrase that underestimates Obama's chances at winning re-election vis a vis my own thoughts. Obama has underperformed nearly everyone's expectations as president, but the power of incumbency is strong indeed.

Posted by Evan @ 07/23/10 01:45 PM


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