Gonzalez: Confirm Saldaņa

Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Raul Gonzalez penned a column for the Statesman in support of Sarah Saldaņa's nomination for US attorney and the efforts of Cornyn and Hutchison:

As a former Democratic justice of the Texas Supreme Court and assistant United States attorney, I was disappointed to read a June 7 column ("Cornyn uses politics as law enforcement roadblock in Texas") unfairly blaming U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, for the slow pace of filling vacancies for the state's four top federal prosecutors.

Saldaņa manages the fraud and public corruption section in the Northern District. She has performed in that role admirably, prosecuting corrupt officials without fear or favor.

Regrettably, Saldaņa's promotion to that post is being blocked without explanation or justification. There is a widespread view that Saldaņa is being blackballed by congressional Democrats for her role as lead prosecutor in the recent trial of former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill and other prominent Democratic officials. If there is anything to the charge, then a terrible message is being sent to career federal prosecutors across the nation.

I see no political motivation behind Cornyn and Hutchison fighting for Saldaņa, a lifelong Democrat. They are taking a stand for professionalism and the rule of law, and ensuring that the most qualified person gets the job.

Strangely, I don't see many irate editorials coming out of the major Texas dailies!

Posted by Evan @ 06/10/10 10:16 PM


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