Is being Governor of Texas harder than being governor of a smaller state?

Then a few weeks later, Politico posited that it was actually harder to be governor of a large state:

It happens so frequently now that it's almost becoming a political ritual -- the humbling collapse of the big-state governor, the species of officeholder that once dominated the American election landscape and provided a steady stream of White House prospects.
It cites recent examples in New York, Illinois, and California.
The challenges facing the governors also have much to do with the unmanageability of the complex, modern mega-state: a sprawling government bureaucracy, multiple media markets, diverse constituencies, an explosion of interest groups and, perhaps most significantly, the political toll of their distance from actual voters.

It's a pretty interesting theory.

Cited factors:
1. Declining coverage of state politics.
2. "Sprawling government bureaucracy"
3. Multiple media markets
4. Diverse constituencies
5. "distance from voters"
6. "explosion of interest groups"

Posted by Evan @ 03/04/10 08:50 AM


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