Why I don't like Romney

Politico's story on Mitt Romney's Iowa dilemma:

Not only did Romney campaign aggressively here the last time around, but he held up his all-out effort in a bid to distinguish himself from those rivals who downplayed or altogether bypassed Iowa.

"I believe in the Iowa process," Romney said in a 2007 appearance on "Iowa Press," the Hawkeye State's version of "Meet the Press." "I think that people who are planning on running for president should really subject themselves to the process of getting known by voters in Iowa."

Now, though, Romney isn't willing to make any commitments to compete in the state again.

There's a long history of him doing this. But apparently some people don't care, because he just sounds so sincere when he says something.

Posted by Evan @ 03/31/10 07:07 PM


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