They don't even pretend to endorse Republicans in high-profile races anymore

The Houston Chronicle headlines its op-ed reaction to health care regulation's passage:

Wrong side of history: Unanimous opposition to health care reform could haunt GOP

You have to love an op-ed board in a right-leaning region who automatically assumes that more government is the right side of history, even when the bill is unpopular in the country at large.

I've never quite figured out why a corporation would let its brands (in declining industries!) be run by people who have a habit of chasing away potential customers.

Posted by Evan @ 03/26/10 12:22 PM


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So, you're saying 'less government is the right side of history', yet you want the government to create more jobs, bail out failing industries (Detroit / banks), ramp up more wars and throw lots of $$$ at more security theater?

You can't have it both ways.

Posted by Emil Dandridge @ 03/27/10 02:07 AM

I think you fail at reading comprehension.

Posted by Rick Perry vs World @ 03/27/10 06:49 AM

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