The Howard Dean wing of the....oh wait

The Texas Tribune profiles the Coffee Party:

Mares knows that if coffee is the opposite of tea, and the Tea Party has a conservative bent, the public will quickly assume that the Coffee Party is a home for disaffected Democrats. "That's a misconception right now," he said. "We aren't any wing of the Democratic Party -- not liberals, progressives, or moderates. We are strictly down that middle road."

That may be true, but there certainly seemed to be some consensus among those that showed up at Grace Coffee Café. "I suspect everyone in here voted for Obama," said retired World War II veteran Ralph Bender, getting no disagreement. "I also suspect we are all disillusioned." By a show of hands, the group also unanimously supported including a public option in healthcare reform legislation.

One of my favorite things about liberals is how they hate to admit that they are liberals. Heck, even the ones who don't claim to be moderates had to invent a new label for themselves.

Posted by Evan @ 03/22/10 03:19 PM


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