Hutchison to run for re-election?

RELEASE: Hutchison Joins DeMint In Effort to Repeal ObamaCare just hit my mailbox from KBH's Senate office.

My first reaction: is this a sign that Senator Hutchison is planning to run for re-election?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the Senator is outraged by ObamaCare. Not only is the substance horrible, but the process has stunk, and no Republican can quite believe how Obama has been able to just glide by without being called out by the media for break all of the process changes he promised.* Pretty much every Republican of any stripe -- liberal, moderate, or conservative -- can't really believe it.

But if KBH is going to run for re-election, she needs an issue. An issue to protect her from the right but even more importantly, she needs a reason to break her promise. And, y'know, socializing almost 20% of the American economy is certainly a pretty large issue.

* You remember early in the presidential race when he made process a huge part of his pitch? It was a big part of his moderate appeal, plus it certified his good government credentials.

Posted by Evan @ 03/22/10 03:49 PM


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I guess once you've already broken your term limits vow, the second time is no big deal.

Though I believe this is purely a money raising move. She seemed rather bloodless her primary challenge of Perry.

Posted by MsInformed @ 03/24/10 05:11 PM

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