There is value in a Houston Chronicle endorsement...

... if you're a Democrat?

According to Charles Kuffner, candidates endorsed by the Chron in the Dem primary went 19-7, with 4 in a runoff.

For Republicans, Chron-friendly candidates went 4-8, with 2 in a runoff.

Posted by Evan @ 03/12/10 12:10 PM


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One measure of the waning influence of editorial board endorsements would be the minuscule number of visitors that the editorial page sends to a blog post when Dwight Silverman links it (we hear this from friends now, of course, since they've been ordered from on high not to link to BH -- hee!).

So I think Kuffner's attribution of cause-effect and "value" isn't quite right.

Rather, I think a better explanation is that some Editorial Boards are much more in tune with the primary voters in Democratic elections, and not so in tune with the primary voters in Republican elections.

That would probably work out well in a left-leaning state, but not so well in Texas.

Personally, I'd rather see endorsements ditched altogether. Focus on issues, and getting candidates to talk about them. Assume the voters are intelligent enough to figure out what to do next. That's how the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has gone:

Posted by kevin @ 03/12/10 02:52 PM

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