Election night results

8:36 Going to start updating from the top. We can probably expect early voting to be about 50% of the electorate. It's not an unbiased sample, as it probably captures the most motivated supporters, and won't capture latebreakers although I'm not sure any of the big races had big events that significantly changed the race.

That is all to say that for a large majority of races, the early results will be very similar to the ultimate results. I think there's a possibility that White's number come down, but I think he's impressively won outright by a good margin. It helps to have such low expectations!

1:50 Didn't really think there was anything worth updating til the end of the night.
Republicans: 97.7% of the vote in. Perry 51, Hutch 30.5, Medina 18.5. Porter 60 Carillo 40, super embarrassing for the GOP. Will Hurd and Quico Canseco in a runoff in CD23. Flores and Curnock in a runoff in CD17. Not much else worth mentioning of the Congressional races. Looks like Lehrmann and Green in the Supreme Court place 3, since it's practically a five-way tie, that could definitely change. On the SBOE, looks like McLeroy went down to Ratliff, and Miller to Clayton.

Of the HD races, Betty Brown is losing by 100 votes in HD4, Tommy Merritt lost in HD7, Hopson won 60% in HD11. Fred Brown going to a runoff with Winn. Schwertner (surprisingly?) avoided a runoff in HD20, Solomons squeaked it out by 3%. Taylor and Jackson in HD66 runoff. Dee Margo avoided a runoff in HD78. Delwin Jones in a runoff with Perry in Lubbock. Huberty and Curling in HD127 runoff. Woodfill in a runoff to be Harris County GOP Chair.

2:15 Democrats: Sheila! got 66% in CD18. Bill White 76, Shami 13. Chavez-Thompson 53, Earle 35. Kinky loses again, this time to Gilbert. Uribe sneaked it out. Ybarra lost in HD43. Norma Chavez barely trails Gonzalez in El Paso.

And Borris Miles is 9 votes ahead of Al Edwards! Recount!
7:10 As of right now, Perry 51, Medina 17, KBH 31
7:11 Also as of right now, White 76, Shami 14, Alvarado 4. Chavez-Thompson also would avoid a runoff with 54 to Earle's 36. we've got a long way to go though
7:14 76 from White would be impressive given recent Dem primary results where the establishment candidate failed to get the votes that they should have. With a quick glance, it looks like those numbers might be largely composed of San Antonio and Houston, eg, White's base demographically as he was born in San Antonio and was mayor of Houston. So perhaps those numbers will go down.

7:48 Perry 52, KBH 31, Medina 18. Embarrassingly for Republicans, right now Victor Carrillo is going down 60 to 40.

7:51 Wow. Supreme Court place 3 is close to a five way tie for the Republicans. They've all got close to 18% of the vote.

7:53 All these as of right now: Betty Brown is a coinflip vs Lance Gooden in HD4 for the GOP in early voting....GOP maverick Tommy Merritt is losing by a few points in early voting in HD7, yet partyswitcher Chuck Hopson is surprisingly holding on in HD11. Sid Miller is a coinflip in HD59, as is Burt Solomons in HD65. HD66 in Plano looks like a runoff between Taylor and Jackson. Delwin Jones is headed to a runoff right now. Todd Smith is up 15.

8:06 White hanging with about 75%, Shami 12. None of the results have come in from HD18, which should be a pretty solid White district, most would assume. Chavez-Thompson went a few points below 50, but is now back up over 50. Kinky losing to Hank Gilbert by 10. As for Dem house primaries, early vote has Sheila! winning big, Norma Chavez in a runoff, Rios Ybarra losing big, and Al Edwards up 10

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