Final predictions

Perry 51
Hutchison 34
Medina 15

No further comments on the Dems, as I'd really not have too much confidence in whatever I wrote.

Posted by Evan @ 03/02/10 12:42 AM


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I sat down last week and looked at all the polls, put them in a spreadsheet, averaged some numbers, tried to allocate the undecideds, and then predicted a slight decline for Medina. The result? 51/34/15. No kidding. I am curious what your prediction is based on.


Posted by Robert Troup @ 03/02/10 04:13 PM

Hey Robert,

I could answer this now, but I think I'd rather wait until I see what the results are to answer on my methodology. ;)

Posted by Rick Perry vs the World @ 03/02/10 07:04 PM

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