Rick Connelly has his list of 5 reasons why KBH is losing:

1. The kick-off.
2. The dithering over whether she'd quit the Senate.
3. The endorsements by Sec Baker/HW.
4. The abortion question in the debate.
5. The recent interview she gave to the AP where she said she was surprised at Perry's Washington attacks.
(I paraphrased, for clarity's sake)

For the record, I disagree with number three. By no means do I think those endorsements hurt her, I just think they didn't help much. Not a bad list, but probably not the list I would have made

I would have Kay's "I'm staying in Washington to fight the government takeover of health care" on my list. She was already looking foolish for indecisiveness over the Senate and...that was what she came up with? Who knows, maybe that's really what she felt in her bones, but that's just not who Kay Bailey Hutchison was over almost two decades in the Senate.

As a Senator, Kay never led the fight for or against any issue. To be honest, I can't think of any issue where she is the first Senator who comes to mind. Maybe the Love Field fight? And in that, she was mostly trying to broker a deal between competing factions of an industry. So when delays resigning her Senate seat, it reeked of being artificial.

In my opinion, one of Kay's regrets when this is over will be that she didn't unfilter herself and say what she wanted to say.

Posted by Evan @ 03/02/10 12:25 AM


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** For the record, I disagree with number three. **

Yeah, that's more of an indicator that the campaign focused on the ineffectual.

Another one is the ad that swirls all of the endorsements KBH has gotten from editorial boards. Of course, GOP primary voters are probably as distrustful of those sorts of boards as any group of people, and Perry played on that by refusing to meet with them. It's almost as if his campaign suckered them into spending their money on trumpeting something that won't help. And that just plays on the their successful effort to define KBH as a DC pol out of touch with Texas.

Posted by kevin @ 03/02/10 08:43 AM

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