Who will Kay endorse?

It's Election Day Eve, but I'm thinking about whether Kay will endorse Perry against White in November?*

I would assume she'd quietly do the perfunctory-endorsement-in-a-few-months route, but she does seem to have substantial enmity with Perry. She could also just not endorse, which probably wouldn't be a big deal. She could endorse White, but that seems unlikely. If she did pull a Scozzafava (doubt I spelled that right), she'd really just validate everyone that didn't vote for her.

*Truthfully I feel a little guilty asking the question, since Kay still has some strengths that could win her a runoff. However, even if she squeaks into a runoff tomorrow, to win she'd have to figure out how to change the dynamic. And since she's been planning this race for 6 years...

Posted by Evan @ 03/01/10 11:22 PM


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