Hutchison vs. Radnofsky numbers

More campaign finance reports, this time from the Senate race. The time period ended on the last day of June, and covered the preceeding 3 months.

Kay Bailey Hutchison has $7.4 million in cash on hand. She raised $502K (about 60K from PACs), spent $364K.

Barbara Radnofsky, the only announced Democrat, has $349K in cash on hand. She raised $137 and spent $48K.

Posted by Evan @ 07/19/05 08:26 PM


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Our blogger friends on the Left continue to assure that Precinct-Chair-turned-US-Senate-candidate Radnofsky will "surprise" some people in this race.

Maybe we should do an over-under?

I'd be mildly surprised if she exceeds 40% of the vote, and even that number seems high.

Where would PvW commenters put the over-under for surprise?

Posted by kevin whited @ 07/20/05 10:00 AM

Final Score:
Hutchison - 68%
Rad-nof-whatever - 30% (at best)

Sorry, but Conservative, Republican Texas will not elect an urban, liberal jewish Trial lawyer who's not even from here to the U.S. Senate.

And as long as the Texas Democratic Party continues to run candidates liek this, this will continue to be a one party state.

Posted by Dan @ 07/21/05 05:11 PM

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