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07 February 2014

Wendy Davis logo looks like a sinking ship

If you are friends on Facebook with any Texan who is a Republican, then you've probably seen this at least a few times over the past few days.

Wendy Davis logo sinking ship

You'd think that the campaign would want to draw attention to Wendy, instead it's shoved awkwardly into a slanted position. It looks slightly better in the original blue/red/white color scheme, to be fair.

Campaign logos don't win or lose you elections. But for a campaign taking on friendly fire that increasingly looks befuddled, that is a very curious logo choice.

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06 February 2014

Wendy Davis is throwing the Hail Mary in February

Wendy Davis's campaign decision to support open-carry will likely be one of the strangest decisions of the entire 2014 campaign cycle.

Wendy Davis has a long history of being anti-gun. As a city councilwoman in 2000, she proposed banning gun shows from the Fort Worth Convention Center and wanted the federal government to pass more gun control. During her first term in the Texas legislature, she voted against campus carry. The Texas State Rifle Association gives her a D grade, and the NRA gives her an F.

But Wendy Davis's campaign has been flailing about for weeks now, having alienated the press in her attempt to change the topic of conversation away from her many biographical exaggerations. Plus she faces the grim reality that she is a left-winger running in a right-of-center state.

What to do?

Apparently the best thing they could come up with on short notice was open carry. Anything to change the conversation, even at the very substantial risk of alienating her base.

You'd think they would have tried to find something that a swing voter could find believable. Nobody thinks that Wendy Davis actually supports open carry, given her record.

Will grassroots liberals will lose their enthusiasm? If you check Twitter, you can find people asking for their campaign donations back and other "progressives" saying that Wendy has lost their vote.

Furthermore, are the rich liberals in San Francisco and New York City going to continue to fund a campaign that looks rudderless AND supports open carry? I'll wager she lost the possibility of any multi-million dollar Bloomberg ad blitz on her behalf.

This is a very strange decision from the Wendy Davis campaign. Not many campaigns feel like they have to throw a Hail Mary in February. And Wendy Davis sure doesn't look like Doug Flutie.

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03 February 2014

Down with pay to play

More Mark Jones:

While a candidate's list of supporters provides valuable information about what type of executive, legislator or judge he or she would be if elected, Houston-area Republican primary voters would be wise to treat the multi-candidate "slate" endorsement lists arriving in their mailboxes with a healthy dose of skepticism. These endorsements frequently have less to do with a candidate's qualifications and "conservative credentials" and more to do with the candidate's willingness to "pay to play" and/or to their personal and professional relationships with the lists' proprietors.

What is unfortunate is that these work. To date, enough people don't realize that the LinkLetter is a bought endorsement.

Down with pay to play.

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02 February 2014

Is it tougher for #txlege to lie to constituents?

Rice University's Mark Jones wrote a solid op-ed:

Opinion polls reveal that in recent years, a large majority of the Texans who vote in the GOP primary elections are very conservative. At the same time, many of the most conservative advocacy organizations have become increasingly sophisticated in monitoring and evaluating politicians and aggressive in backing candidates they support and in attacking those they oppose. For better or worse, the days of some elected officials being able to successfully maintain separate and distinct Austin and district personas appear to be numbered. (italics mine)

We'll see over the next few months. By and large the Joe Straus wing of the party has spent lots of time trying to blur the difference and appear to be less corporatist than it is actually is. There have been shadow groups created to try to confuse voters (eg, Texans for Fiscal Accountability) and scorecards that give left-wing Democrats more conservative marks than some right-wing Republicans.

Mark Jones has probably been one of the biggest reasons why it has been tougher to blur the differences. His scorecard is unimpeachable and lays bare the voting record of our representatives in Austin. This is a valuable public service.

Of course, in many races, to uncover these differences, you have to wipe away the near-identical "strong conservative" body paint the candidates have covered themselves with. But once you review each candidate's record, the individuals and groups supporting them and their platform, you will find in most instances that they are not all peas from the same pod.

Indeed they are not. But largely the ones trying to conceal their true beliefs are allied with Joe Straus. It is a shame that the Straus wing isn't a bit more honest in presenting their vision for Texas.

Given how the campaigns are playing out, their polling must show that to be a bad idea.

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22 January 2014

Wendy Davis is Jack Ryan?

In late 2003, Republicans thought they had found the perfect candidate to win an open seat Senate race in blue state Illinois. Not only did the Democrats have a weak field full of infighting (a milquetoast rich guy, a union stooge, and the a guy with a funny name who was the most left-wing member of the Illinois state legislature), but Jack Ryan looked like a hero out of a novel.

The handsome Ryan could self-fund his campaign due to his partnership at GoldmanSachs. A Catholic, he went from public school to Dartmouth, and then got a JD/MBA from Harvard. Before becoming an investment banker he'd worked at a refugee camp for Central Americans escaping wars. He quit Goldman to teach at a Southside Chicago Catholic school in a tough neighborhood.

Over the early months of 2004, David Axelrod destroyed the milquetoast rich guy (Blair Hull) by getting his divorce records unsealed. There were some nasty allegations, Hull plummeted and that guy with the funny name picked up Hull's support.

Axelrod pulled the same trick on Jack Ryan. Despite the fact that his ex-wife supported his campaign, during the divorce she had alleged that they had been to sex clubs. There was no substantiation, just her allegation during a messy divorce. In fact, Ryan's ex-wife never even alleged infidelity and confirmed as such during the campaign.

Unlike Wendy Davis temporary restraining order, Jack Ryan never had a judge tell him that he needed to refrain from drugs and alcohol around his kids. He had one simple allegation against him, not the litany of things that a judge had to order Wendy Davis not to do.

Jack Ryan ended up withdrawing. Texas divorces often get TROs issued, but I sure wouldn't want to be running the campaign of someone who had one issued against them.

Oh...and Axelrod's client ended up in the White House.

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03 January 2014

#MakeDCListen was Frank Luntz's "best political soundbite of 2013"

There is a problem in Washington, and the problem is bigger than a continuing resolution. It is bigger than ObamaCare. It is even bigger than the budget. The most fundamental problem and the frustration is that the men and women in Washington aren't listening. If you talk to the man and woman on the street, that is the message you hear over and over again: Why don't they listen to me? Why don't they hear what we have to say? They aren't listening to the millions of people, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, across the spectrum who say our elected officials get to Washington and they stop listening to the people.

FRANK LUNTZ: That was the best political soundbite of 2013. Regardless of whether you support or oppose his tactics and his techniques that language about Washington not listening did better than anything we tested from any senator, any congressman or the president. That is the number one rhetoric, and I'll tell you something: Congress and the White House need to pay attention to those words and listen.

If you watch the clip, 95% of Republicans reacted favorably and 75% of Democrats also reacted favorably.

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01 January 2014

Prediction for 2014

Wendy Davis will learn that Texans don't approve of an Obama liberal who goes to New York to bash Texas.

Posted by Evan @ 01/01/14 02:17 PM | Comments (0)


30 December 2013

Latino Republicans win primaries; media says they don't

Someone please explain to me how it is possible to write an article about how "Hispanic candidates struggle to win statewide [Texas] Republican primaries" after Ted Cruz.

It's like writing an article about how African-Americans with funny names can't be elected president of the US, and at the end just glossing over some guy named Barack Obama. It's prima facie absurd. For the rest of this post, the blockquotes are from that article.

Fighting the perception that Hispanic candidates struggle to win statewide Republican primaries, many party officials have pointed to the 2014 land commissioner's race, which features George P. Bush, the odds-on favorite, whose mother was born in Mexico.

What perception? I've heard of the myth that Democrats repeat because they believe their own spin. Victor Carrillo's poor campaign (to the extent that you can even call it a campaign) for Railroad Commissioner aside, there is no evidence.

But many political observers in Texas say that Mr. Bush, the grandson of former President George H. W. Bush and son of former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, should not be seen as the start of a trend. After all, Mr. Bush has a famous -- and non-Hispanic -- name. Candidates with Hispanic surnames are still expected to face challenges in Republican primaries in Texas.

Boy, what a stroke of luck for George P. Bush that his last name doesn't end in an s or even worse a z, because then he'd never have a chance with those crazy Texas Republicans. Right?

Blurring reality
But that's funny because I seem to remember some Latino with a Spanish last name winning a Republican primary recently. He beat a stuffy old white guy who all the other stuffy old white guys (especially the ones who work in the media) said could never lose. I mean, how could some guy named Cruz beat a rich white guy named Dewhurst among those Republican primary voters? I bet Dewhurst would bury that guy with tens of millions of dollars and I bet Dewhurst would even try to clumsily play the race card. That Cruz guy wouldn't stand a chance with Texas Republicans.

Must've been my imagination.

Mike Baselice, a longtime pollster for Republicans in Texas, said that Mr. Bush would probably poll 5 to 10 points lower than his opponent if he had a Hispanic surname...

Baselice....me suena, me suena. Claro, ya me acuerdo, he was the pollster for David Dewhurst...¡y que encuestas! He's been consistently wrong about Latino Republicans in Texas. Baselice's polls consistently put Ted Cruz at least 5-10 points under Dewhurst. Remember how Baselice said Dewhurst was ahead by 5 points right before the runoff when the Dew was behind by 10? Remember when Baselice said Dewhurst was up 8 a few weeks before the runoff?

To put it bluntly, Baselice's polls lack credibility. He already screwed up on this exact question once before.

And now, 6 paragraphs and 337 words into the article, we get to the elephant in the room:

Steve Munisteri, the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, dismissed the idea that Hispanic candidates were handicapped in the primaries by their surnames, citing Ted Cruz's victory in the 2012 race for the United States Senate and recent legislative wins by other Hispanic Republicans. In fact, Mr. Munisteri said, Hispanic candidates could "have a slight advantage, given the party’s awareness of the need to attract Hispanics."

6 paragraphs and 337 words before an article on Latino Republicans running for office mentioned Ted Cruz's victory. Hyperbole fails me. You. Can't. Make. This. Stuff. Up.

Jason Villalba beat a tough field in Dallas
In the real world, Latino Republicans have done very well in competitive primaries. The article simply ignores JM Lozano beating a guy named Bill Wilson in the Eagle Ford Shale district or Jason Villalba beating an old stuffy white guy in Dallas. Not to mention Larry Gonzales beating out a tough field in the suburbs of Austin. Between those 3 districts, you have a relatively representative sample of the Texas Republicans who vote in statewide primaries. Latino Republicans emerged victorious out of large fields in all of them.

To even begin to think that Hispanic candidates "struggle" in Republican primaries, you'd have to be convinced that Texas Republicans are prejudiced. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense. The evidence says that Latinos do quite well in Texas Republican primaries.

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29 December 2013

As of yesterday, December was the highest trafficked month for 2013. Thanks to the several thousand of you who visited and special thanks to those of you who linked. Feliz Año Nuevo.

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26 December 2013

The year of Ted Cruz?

"Celebrate the year of Ted Cruz with 74 of his best quotes."

The news has just come out that Cruz will speak at the Gridiron Dinner. Last year, Obama elevated Cruz by taking a jab at his pointed Hagel questioning.

Cruz's performance will determine how much money is there for the nascent Cruz 16 campaign.

Posted by Evan @ 12/26/13 11:38 PM | Comments (0)


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